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    "HD" option disappeared,only have "SD" & "Auto" left




      I have a slingbox 500. I installed the latest version of Slingplayer for Ipad on my Ipad 2 (iOS7).  I used to be able to select the video quality from hd,sd and auto.  I happened to notice yesterday that hd option disappeared.  It might happen after the recent upgrade of the app. But I am not sure about that.


      Is it the design of the app or there is something wrong with my device?  Btw, I am using HDMI to connect the box.




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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello gamepool,


          Thanks for using the answers forums.


          Just wanted to let you know that the feature for HD has been removed from the SlingPlayer for iPad.  The Auto has that feature included in it now.  There is nothing wrong with your device.


          Hope this helps!



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              My setting is on Auto, but I only get a Standard signal. I always used to get an HD signal before the latest update. I have the strongest possible signal from my router in my house.

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                OvCollyer Apprentice

                Some of us prefer to lock the player into HD quality and are able to view sufficiently reliably.


                By making HD quality only available within Auto it means we are at the mercy of the Slingplayer algorithms for choosing the quality from the available bandwidth, but this isn't foolproof by any means. In particular, I've noticed with all your players that Auto is much more conservative, often not choosing HD even when the bandwidth is available.


                All this change does is remove an option and antagonise users of your software, and for what real gain?

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                To be frankly, I don't really undertand the logic here. HD option is removed, but SD is left. Why is HD option is taken out?  Even if you believe Auto is good enough, you still should allow the user to decide which option he wants to choose. You shoud not just take it away...

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                  I'm having this same issue.  I just updated the slingplayer app on my ipad and no longer can get HD quality.  Wish I had known that was going to be the outcome of the update.  Otherwise I wouldn't have updated.


                  Please add this feature back or this product becomes worthless to me!



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                      I recently replaced my Pro HD Slingbox which was working fine for 2 years to the new M! as Sling decided to not support Chromecast on the Pro HD.  I was getting full HD all the time with my Pro HD as I have a 15 MB Upload on the Slingbox end and a 50MB download on the viewing side.

                      But since the M1 was replaced in its exact spot, the picture quality is no where near as good as the Pro HD was.  I am not getting full HD for sure from Ipad specifically.  I have a android phone which still have the HD option and guess what, it comes through clear.  But from Ipad or iPhone, not clear.

                      Something nothing working right here.