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    ISP is throttling slingbox


      I have 2 slingbox pro hd setup on 2 different accounts at 2 different locations on charter. I stream those services aswell as some surveillance from charter to a timewarner account. Until this weekend everything has been fine. I am now beeing limited to around 200kbs at my timewarner address. I have tried troubleshooting by using 2 different cellular accounts and i have no problems or degradation in quality. I know the new net neutrality rule has been reversed so i am wonder how i can point my finger at the ISP that is throttling my video streaming?


      I have called both ISP and they are both denying the filter. I have also setup a ticket with their NOC waiting on resluts.

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          Here is the latest:


          In my latest attempt to isolate the issue. Me and a TW escalation engineer used the time warner and charter speed test servers to determine the point of degradation. Upload speed from the charter side to the time warner side error out(using TW server), while download speed from the time warner side pulling from charter showed very little speed(using Charter server. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the merger but I am suspecting that someone is purposely throttling the service. My service has been acceptable until this weekend. I have forwarded this to the appropriate parties at TW and will located the Charter ones as well. People need to know that a ******* match is goind on.