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    Setup can't find my cable box.  Why?


      Setting up a used Solo that I just got.  Get audio and video just fine, but when I get to the "Remote Control Setup" page i get no results searching for my Comcast/Xfinity Motorola cable box.  So i try the "Try selecting from our list of supported devices" link.  when I choose ANY option (cable box, satellite box, DVD player, DVR) I get NO RESULTS at all.  Only "No Manufacturers Available" (see screenshot below).


      Slingbox setup.jpg

      Even if I have some sort of connection problem, shouldn't this produce a list of options?  I chatted and called in to Slingbox support.  Chat said possible IR blaster problem and phone support said maybe IR blaster but he'd never heard of this happening.  Any thoughts?  Can faulty IR blasters or faulty connection to those IR blasters cause this problem?


      Thanks for any help.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The support people are either lying or they need re-educating   This is a well publicised problem with Slingboxes and there are lots of posts on here about this problem (I guess you didn't do a Forum Search for "no manufacturers" before you posted ?)


          Basically your box is toast.   Specifically U21, a TS1117 3.3V voltage  regulator has failed.  It's actually a known design fault and some people have got free replacement boxes from Sling Media, but I doubt that will apply  in your case if your aren't the original owner.

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            daniel.sling Newbie

            Hello TheRic30,


            Thank you for participating in our Slingbox Answers forum. The following articles from our support site will help you resolve the issue you've been experiencing when trying to find a selection to match your exact STB model:


            If you do not find the exact make/model in our list, there are two things that can be done to assist you:

            1. Choose the next closest made/model number in the selection to use as your Virtual Remote.
            2. Check out our Remote Control Requests page to request a custom remote to match your specific STB make/model


            Hope this helps!



            Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                alanrichey42 Master

                I don't like disagreeing with the moderators but I am not sure what Daniel is talking about here, I can only assume he didn't read your post properly.   He is answering the question "My Cable box does not show up in the drop down list", whereas your actual question was "When I select Cable Box the drop down list says "No Manufacturers" and that is totally different.   He obviously also hasn't done a proper forum search either.


                By all means follow his suggestions but I think you are wasting your time.