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    Watch on Slingbox.com Question


      I have a slingbox 500, running Windows 8.1 on the laptop that I have. Since about a month ago when using Watch on Slingbox.com the sides of my screen have been cut off on both sides when viewing. You can tell that the sides are being chopped off by bringing up the Direct TV guide. I use Google Chrome and have uninstalled and reinstalled the slingbox plug-in for Chrome with the same results. I have installed the plug-ins for both IE and Firefox and tried watching it and no change. I use the facebook slingplayer app for now and everything as far as viewing is fine but the app is horrible. Its always freezing or the screen goes blank or jittery. The remote works horrible for the app as well. My kindle also work fine with the kindle slingbox app. I really would like to go back to using the Watch on Slingbox.com because it works the best. I know there is an app for Windows 8.1 but don't have any feedback on it. I tried the 24 hour free trial of it but after installing it I couldn't find it. I then forgot about using it and the 24 hour period passed. Can anyone offer any further suggestions on how to fix the Watch on Slingbox.com?