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    Connection Issues - Slingbox solo to WD TV Play




      I have owned the slingbox solo for over a year now and haven't had any streaming problems when viewing through a web browser or android phone. Last week I decided to have my father buy a wd tv play (2013 model) as I saw it had the slingplayer app. Unfortunately his stream doesn't last more than 10 seconds, often no more than 5. I have been reading through the forums and the best suggestion I read was to designate an individual router to connect to my slingbox and decrease the speed of the router to 10mbps. I am unable to do this with the Belikin N300 or my Netgear WNR1000. Can anyone help me configure the router or offer a better suggestion to correct the streaming problem? Thanks!

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          Port Forwarding solution that  has  already been suggested and verified on another thread describing  the same problems REALLY WORKS! I  Had the same problem as others and yours and went mad trying to figure it out  with all the same  symptoms of everything working perfectly EXCEPT the WD  connected  device that would stream really low quality PQ and eventually lose the connection.  The solution was already stated earlier in another  thread.   Port Forwading solved the problem for me and now all is well and in HD  with no  hiccups on my WD, just like before.


          To state again:

          PLEASE TRY PORT FORWADING FOR THE SLING DEVICE (for Slingbox 500, it is port 5201).  IT REALLY WORKS!


          You   can Google how to forward a port for a device and for your specific   router.   The routers made in the last several years do have a fairly   intuitive way to do this so that casual PC users may be able to do it,   but each routher is different.  I am no network person, but I was able   to figure it out on my router along with basic info I researched on  some  specifics for my particual router.  Truly NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL.   It  just that most users never need to do it, so it seems overwhemling  or too techy to do.  If you stll feel too imtimidated to do it  yourseflf, you  can also get a family member or friend who know more  about computers and  routers to port forward for you (even the slightest  geeky person can  and probably has done port forwarding on their  router), or, if you are  really scared or afraid to mess things up, you  could even pay a service  like Geek Squad to do it for you, although I  encourage you to get a  family member or freind or DIY because it does  save money compared to  Geek Squad charges.


          I  should add that after you port forward and connect for the first time,  you may have to force (select) the BEST HD option on the device, and  then it will pop into great HD with NO PROBLEMS.  At least that was my  experience.


          Be   aware that the port number is different for different generations of   Slingboxes.  Click on the link below for more on Slingbox port numbers   that can be used.



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              Hi ACC5695720


              Are you writing this, excusing  that Slingplayer is doing nothing?


              Why do I suddenly need to open ports on my router only when I'm streaming to WD - it isn't necessary using an ordinary PC or I-pad!

              It wasn't necessary until one of the last firmware-updates so why not change the firmware back again, so everything can work again.



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                  Dear ACC5695720


                  Since I do not think your post shall stand alone, I also write my post here on this thread.


                  I AM able to open ports on my router, but there is no other living in my house, where the Slingbox is standing, when I'm in Spain, and the router is a professional router - Linksys DFL-210 - which is not easy to program, and In addition: I do not want others "into it".


                  Do you know there is a risk the Slingbox change IP-address if there is a power-loss, and when you can't define your box's IP-address yourself the port no longer suited to the new IP-address. Therefore: something has to be changed from SlingPlayer, either one must be able to set a static IP address at the Slingbox, or Slinplayer must get the system up running again so all the users, who suddenly have got this problems, is'nt needed - with or without help - to program their hardware.


                  Have unfortunately too recommended friends in the UK to acquire the system with a WD-box and a Slingbox transmitting from the UK (I myself live in Denmark), and we where of course expecting  that the system would continue operating.



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                      Well, the port forward solution is for those who can and want an immediate solution, possibly, only solution because the reality seems to be that Sling and WD (having abandoned making routers) have no further interest in supporting the WD connected devices.  You do have a unique situation as far as the set up where your Slingbox is located and its inaccessibility.  Sorry the solution was of no help there.


                      However in regards to the IP address for the Slingbox changing, good quality modern routers do no necessarily lose settings like earlier, cheaper routers did after a power outage.  Also, having a UPS to prvevt loss of during loss of grid power connected to a router is not only affordable today, but should standard procedure in even the most modest of households, and considering what seems to a professional set at your Slingbox location without backup power sound far less professional than one might think.  Sorry you have back up power, for most router use such little electricity, it could l as hours without main power.


                      What can we do about the current problems:  face reality that WD and Sling seem to no longer care about the Sling app for WD connected devices.  In fact, Sling's new M1 does not support ANY of the legacy connected devices.  The ONLY connected device supported is Roku, and that seems to be where Sling is putting everything into.  The Sling Roku solution can be used TODAY, but it requires that the stream initiate from iPhone, iPad, or Android phoneno Android tablets supported yetthen select the "cast it" linked option from the mobile device to the Roku, and then the Slingbox will stream directly to the Roku, leaving your mobile device to function as the control pad for all commands.  If you have any of the supported mobile devices, I would great a Roku (the latest model so there is no doubt of support), and use that solution because that is Sling's charted course.


                      We have to be p practical.  Sling and WD are most likely not ever going to fix this, so if the goal is to be able to watch our Slinged content ASAP, NOW, then we have to move forward to Roku.  If our goal is to make Sling and WD fix this problem, then one must be prepared to never see Slinged content again. Sling and WD would not be the first companies to abandon support for devicesmaking them legacy they choose to ignoreand move on to the newly supported device, with an implied invitation to join themat our costor live with the legacy tech that is viewed as if it never existed.  Unfortunately, Sing is the best at what it does, so as soon as the Sling app for Roku supports Android tablets, I'll use the Roku I already have for remote locations, but WD with Slinbox port forwarded works perfectly in full Best high bit rate HD in the same house on my LAN.  I hope you find your solution.

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                  I do understand what every one (too Alcain) are saying - but the system HAS worked for a long time until the new firmware-updates!!!!

                  Why then not return to the program which WAS working?????