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    screen going black


      I have had my Slingbox Pro-HD for a number of years and have not changed a thing, but all of a sudden on Sunday when I logged on on my laptop it would work for a minute and then the screen would go black.  I could still log-on and watch on my tablet so it is not a problem with the slingbox but I am wondering if there was an update that somehow made it incompatible with my laptop?  I have tried using my second laptop too and it is having similar problems where I will lose picture but not sound (and I just downloaded on the second laptop when the first one stopped working).  Welcome any suggestions because it says everything is up to date but it is obviously not working right.  Thanks!

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello emileecummings,


               I understand you're having an issue with viewing the Slingbox Pro-HD on two different laptops. Here's a few question to start us off:


          • Is there an HDMI cable connected to the set-top box at all?
          • What Operating System(s) are running on these laptops?
          • What cables do you have running from the set-top box to the Slingbox (Component, Composite, S-Video, or Coaxial)?


          Awaiting your reply!



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              Having the exact same problem as the OP, Slingbox Pro-HD will stream to my iPhone over the local wifi or the internet, but Ive tried to watch on 2 different PCs on the LAN using Google Chrome and Firefox and just get a black screen.  If I mouseover the signal strength, it shows no bars and that I am streaming at 40kbs.


              Cable box is hooked up to the Slingbox Pro-HD via Component cables, the two different PCs having problems were running Windows 7 pro 64bit and Windows 8.1 64 bit.  There is an HDMI cable going from the STB to the television, but I dont think this should make a difference since I am always able to watch on my phone.


              Short term fix is to unplug the Slingbox for a few seconds and then plug back in.  It will then work anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 days before reverting back to a black screen.

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              I have the black screen on my iPad. My laptop has a very new version  and seems to work perfectly.  I have unplugged the box and have plugged it back on and now I still get the black screen when I click on live tv.    Then after 3 black screens I get live tv for 30seconds and then a notice that Slingplayer connection lost. Please make sure your device amd Slingbox are connected to the internet and try again...multiple times NO luck.  This is very annoying.


              What do I do next?  I have the latest Firefox on my laptop, Windows 7.  iPad has the latest OS.


              I think your software is full of bugs that needs to be fixed.   Nothing has changed with my set up and running Slingbox keeps on getting worse. A few years ago it work perfectly, for the past year, I have had nothing but trouble.

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                I am having the same problem with the same connections as above.


                Ping - 39



                mbps of course

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                  Was this ever resolved?

                  This was all working for me 3 days ago and then 2 days ago, the screen is black when running Slingplayer from my PC.

                  There is no problem with running Slingplayer from my iPhone.

                  When I run Speedtest, I'm receiving a 13 megabit download.

                  But, the problem could be related to the increase in the number of people due to holidays in the area that I'm in.

                  Why even though my download speed seems fine that it would affect my Splingplayer on my PC?

                  It might have happened the same time last year also.

                  Please let me know as I am really curious and would like to know if there is any way to resolve this.

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                      It's business per usual.  Sling player is down.  It's their fault and yet they are putting all of you through the paces.  Bunch of boobs.  We all bought boxes to simply stream and they are adding commercials before we can connect.