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    slingbox stops sending feed after 2 minutes


      starting last night my slingbox pro hd will no longer send a feed after 2 minutes on any of my windows machines, but still works just fine on my android phone and tablet.  i have 4 machines ranging from an old pentium win7 launch day pc to a newer i5 ivy bridge laptop, and my main slingbox use is on my htpc with an atom processor or an arrandale i3 laptop.  i was using the htpc yestereday afternoon to watch a baseball game and had no problems.  last night i tried to connect to catch up on my dvr and had no problems initially, but after 2 minutes the screen went blank with no audio or video.  the remote stays on screen.  i tried to refresh the page to reconnect, but again was met with the blank screen.  without disconnecting on my laptop i connected from my android phone and it was working just fine.  i tried to connect again on my laptop and video and audio loaded back up, but again after 2 minutes the screen went blank.  i tried to power off and on via the onscreen remote but there was no response.  i again connected to my android phone and it connected with no problems.  i also found that while the screen is blank on my computer, whatever i do with the remote is being relayed to my cable box.  despite the screen being blank, i can change the channel and when i reconnected via my android device the channel was changed.


      like i said, i have tried 4 different windows machines that all have had no issues running my sling over the past week.  i use chrome, but also tried ie to make sure it wasnt an issue with the chrome plugin.  again, after 2 minutes the screen just goes black but the remote continues to send commands successfully to the cable box.  it was perfectly functional yesterday afternoon, ,and i have no problems watching via the sling apps for android currently, which indicates that the hardware is working just fine.