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    Sling web player - too many things to click


      Every time I log into the web sling player, I have to click through what seems like too many dialogs to get to my player,


      First I have to select my country and language Every Time - Why cant you remember that preference and not ask me every time?

      Then I have to click Continue on an ad for Slingbox Projector thing or something - well obviously if I wanted to buy one and had the money I would've upgraded by now...


      Then I have to click Done on an ad for SLingbox 5000 with Blockbuster on demand or something... Well that's all good and nice but I just wanna watch my slingplayer already Thanks!


      Usually subsequent logins bypass most of that stuff - but it's kind of annoying if I log in from a fresh computer that doesn't have the cookies saved, etc...


      Maybe add a checkbox for "Remember my language preference" and  "Don't show this again"  or "Opt out of promotions" type of thing, would help calm people like me down...

      Please and thanks?!

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello doug526,


               If Slingbox.com is asking you for your Country and for you to dismiss the advertisement for SlingPlayer everytime you visit, then this would be a browser setting. You are going to want to make sure that whatever Internet browser you are using is set to save cookies and temporary Internet files.



          Hope this helps!



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              Way to put zero effort into solving the problem.


              My original post specifically calls out that I am using machines that frequently reset cookies and internet history when logging out..


              The functionality needs to be built into your website to let me bypass these things, it should be an account setting and not a cookie one.