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    Located but won't connect unless Audio only.


      I cannot connect to my slingbox over the web, iphone, or with the slingplayer unless it is set for audio only (only works with slingplayer). It will go through locating, connecting, but then gets stuck at "starting stream..." Any ideas? It has worked in the past, but changed homes recently (fios fibre optic), and worked briefly (5-10 min) after setting everything up in the new house, but it is no longer working. Any ideas? Can my connection be too slow or can the isp block it? I am slinging from the USA to Singapore and have the fastest broadband available in Singapore, it isn't great and I get 4-5Mb/susing speedtest.net to the USA. It is a terrible time for it to go down, especially during the world cup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brett.