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    Advice for setting up sling box; moving overseas . . .


      Ok, so I have a slingbox (don't know which model, it the small pyramid with red sides, bought it 2 years ago).  So we are moving to Europe with the military.  We are thinking of hooking this up at a friend's house stateside but have no idea how to do it.  Can they just order an additional receiver form wherever they get their satellite/cable?  Then they just keep this on and connected with slingbox but out of the way and not hooked to a tv ?  Is there another better way to do this so neither family will be interrupting the other with watching tv.  On our side in Europe, we plan on streaming to a macbook and connecting to our internet ready tv (hopefully we are able to get a good internet connection!)  Thanks in advance!

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          Hey liamsmami,


              Good questions! To answer your questions simply:


          • Most cable/satellite providers do allow their customers to add additional set-top boxes to their existing plans.
          • You can have a Slingbox connected to a seperate, dedicated set-top box. However, you do not need to keep the cablebox on, as the Slingbox should be able to toggle the power to the set-top box you when are viewing remotely.
          • Using a dedicated set-top box is the best way to ensure you will not interefere with anyone else's viewing.


          If you have any other questions, please let us know!



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