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    Multitasking while streaming through airplay


      I just talked to Sling Media support and they confirmed that essentially there is no big difference between mirroring and using the airplay function from Ipad to Apple TV. The reason being that you cannot use Slingplayer, continue streaming through airplay and then e.g. surf the internet using safari because this will cause the Slingplayer to stop all broadcasting.


      I don't see the benefit of airplay when not being able to multitask at the same time. Is it likely that future updates of Slingplayer will allow this?


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          Hi mvs,


          While the function is still not available on the SlingPlayer for iPad. You are able to stream in the background with the latest version of the SlingPlayer for iPhone (Version 3.7.34). The reason I mention this, is because, if you have the SlingPlayer for iPhone, you can download the SlingPlayer for iPhone on your iPad and will be able to use the multitasking function with your iPad. Please see the following article.



          If you have any issues or questions, please let us know.


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