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    Sling Player keeps trying to connect forever


      I have Slingplayer for iPad running on my  iPad2 and iOS 7.1. My first installation of  Slingplayer for iPad was already on iOS 7.1. I tryed uninstall and  reinstall, no success. It logs on my Slingbox account, I can choose my Slingbox 500, then it  says "Connecting..." for as long as I can wait. The image will never  come. On the other side, on my iPhone 4S, slingplayer for iPhone works  great either locally or remotelly! then I tryed installing Splingplayer for iPhone on my iPad  and..... Surprise!!! Slingplayer for iPhone works normally on my iPad,  and Slingplayer for iPad keeps "Connecting..." on the same iPad, one after the other, several times. The problem is the same, doesn't matter if I am connected to my local LAN or remote over internet. Slingplayer for iPad will not work and Slingplayer for iPhone ON THE SAME IPAD will always work. My windows desktops also work fine both locally or remotelly. Could  you please help me with that? Thanks a lot!!!

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello rbenito,


          I am sorry that you are experiencing the connection issue you are experiencing.  The following are the step that the iPad takes to connect to your Slingbox:


          1. The SlingPlayer asks you to log into your Sling Account with your email and password
          2. The the SlingPlayer goes to a page and it should state "Slingbox Found"
          3. Next, please select a Slingbox that is register under your Sling Account.  If you have more than one, this will give you the opportunity to connect to which ever Slingbox you want to connect to
          4. Once a Slingbox is connected to, there will be a green check mark next to the Slingbox
          5. If green check mark appears, you then select either "Next or Done" in the upper left hand of the iPad
          6. After selected "Next or Done" the SlingPlayer loads your guide information.
          7. In the lower left hand side of the iPad, you should see a "Live TV" option, please select this.
          8. The SlingPlayer should now load your TV image.


          Does any of these steps appear on your iPad?


          Waiting for your response.



          Sling Media Moderation Team