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    Bad Deal - Android Tablets - No Roku Support!


      Warning, tablet software is expensive from Slingbox and IT WILL NOT WORK WITH YOUR ROKU - YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CAST TO THE ROKU!

      Sling only supports cell phones, although the information states YOUR ANDROID DEVICES - THIS IS DECEIVING!  BEWARE BEFORE YOU BUY THE TABLET SOFTWARE.


      Slingbox, you guys should get this fixed immediately.  In addition your comments SHOULD STATE - CELL PHONE SUPPORT ONLY - AND NOT "YOUR ANDROID DEVICES".


      I hope this helps protect other consumers and at the same time gets Sling in full gear to resolve this issue.



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          Brandon.Sling Apprentice

          The SlingPlayer for Roku FAQ states:


          What version of Android is supported

          Android smartphones running Android 2.2+.

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              When can we expect roku stream support on android tablets? I purchased my sling box, a TV, and generator for tailgating at my local MLB games. I have a lot of money invested under the premise that I would be able to complete the task (watching live TV at the tailgate). I utilize my android cell phone as a mobile hotspot and assumed I would be able to connect my roku streaming stick to the hotspot and be good to go. But no, the roku streaming capability utilizes WiFi to stream sling box content to the roku. With the hotspot enabled on my phone the WiFi connection is forced to be off thus screwing me out of my tailgating fun. The simple solution would be to place the magical little roku stream button (as seen on the android cell phone app) on the android tablet app. This would allow me to keep my cellphone separate using it only as the hotspot and connect both the tablet and roku to the same hotspot WiFi network. Simple right... I'm sure this is easier said than done but maybe you can deligate the $230 (slinbox 350, tablet app, and phone app) I have given to "sling box the company" to hire a specialist to figure this out. Thanks and save my tailgate!!!!


              Also I refuse to add an additional WiFi hotspot dongle to my already inflated cell phone plan. Just please add the button to the tablet app.

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              Hello, Brandon, and thanks for the quick reply!


              Let there be no question, I love my Slingbox, but am disappointed that a minor "Cast" feature is not available to be used with a tablet on the Roku.


              When logged into your App on Roku it states "Android Devices".


              Please check it out!  I look forward to using my tablet for casting to Sling.  I need to use the phone for business calls and it's hard to switch back and forth and not disconnect the Sling and or not lose the customer - too much going on to be professional, hence the need to use the tablet as the player/communicator.


              I hope this helps,