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    Logo light not working


      My Slingbox has worked perfectly for 2 years. Recently it stopped working with no network light.

      I followed the trouble shooting guide and replaced the power supply.

      I have got  steady power and network lights but there is no light showing in the logo.

      I can view using my home network but am unable to remote view.

      Ideas anyone?

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          eferz Expert

          It seems to me that you have it working again, or have I misunderstood you?


          As far as it goes, I believe you have the ability to watch the Slingbox Pro while at home.  However, remote viewing isn't working for you.  If that's correct then I believe the problem remains in the Port Forwarding Rule.  Most likely, the Slingbox has a new IP address but the Port Forwarding rule on your router hasn't been update to match the different address.


          I would recommend in looking at the Slingbox's address from Slingplayer Desktop.  From the command bar go to Help | About Slingbox <model> (Alt+E) | Information tab and within the "LAN" subsection you'll see the "IP address" and "Port" information.  Make sure the port forwarding rule on matches this information.