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    Slingbox 350 and Windows-based Slingplayer


      This has probably been asked and answered before, so please forgive me.  My Solo just died and I bought a new Slingbox 350.  I guess I didn't do my homework first because I just learned that the Windows based Slingplayer that worked so well with my Solo, does not work with the 350.  Is this correct?  Now it seems like I must connect through the Slingplayer website to watch my shows.  In the past while watching my Slingplayer on my home office pc, it would connect thorugh my LAN, never going through the internet.  If everything I watch now must connect through the net, then it will eat away at my Comcast data cap.  If I'm wrong, then I hope someone will correct me.  This is just my case obviously, but if I must connect to the internet each time to watch something from my Slingbox in my own home, then this will be a deal breaker for me and I'll be returning my 350 to the store.  I don't understand why they would stop the use of the Windows based program that for me, worked very well.  Thanks for any help available...