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    Slingbox Won't Load on Ipad ! Please help as travelling overseas and can't reset


      I am only able to watch the tv sparingly on my computer after I reloaded. However, I can't change channels unless I stop mid way through setting up the sling box remote. If I go through all the steps, it still will show that my remote isn't set up. 


      Also, it will not load at all on my ipad which is where I usually watch it.  Does anyone have any recommendation what to do? I tried to delete the app and reboot and that helped at least get me to the next screen. Although, I keep getting the error saying make sure that your sling box and ipad are connected to internet which I know they are as I am seeing it on my computer.  Should I have kids reset at home or try to load onto a different computer and then delete the sling app again on ipad?  I would GREATLY appreciate anyone's help as I am missing all the ncaa games.  Thank you!!!