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    Very bad connexion speed even on LAN


      Hi, everyone.


      I've been trying to setup a Slimbox Solo that I bought on eBay.


      I got it to work very well using a direct connexion between my computer and the box (I found the IP address that the computer had assigned to it and connected to it directly, using a cross Etherned cable, shunting possible router or Internet issues). Thanks to this setup, I know that the Slimbox Solo is fine.


      However, I can't manage to use it either on my local network (computer connected on the same hub as the Slimbox) nor through the Internet. In both cases, I get horrendous network speeds (I top out at around 180kbps) and only receive the sound (which is understandable with such speeds). I have a very fast Internet connexion (120Mbps down and 6Mbps up) but I am located in Europe. Can that be the issue?


      Even if I can live without the access through the Internet, I don't understand why I still get very bad connexion speeds (and no picture, only sound) on my local network.. In SlingPlayer, I specify the Slinbox's local IP address to connect to it, yet I keep getting speeds worthy of a slow Internet connexion, as if the connexion went over the Internet instead of remaining local.


      I have already installed the newest firmware to no avail.


      Ideas anyone?

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          The video signal issue actually was related to the fact that the source could only send the video through one cable at a time. If the HDMI was connected at the same time as the composite cables, the video would not make it to the Slingbox. As soon as I disconnected the HDMI, the video signal got to the Slingbox and was transmitted successfully. As soon as the video signal was there, bitrates shot up and I could get proper connections.