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    Need help getting IR blaster to work with my cablebox!!


      I just purchased a Slingbox 350 and for some reason I cannot get the IR blaster to communicate with my cable box. I was able to find the exact cable box model (Arris-Moxi MP2000NA) in the setup but NOTHING I have done seems to be working to get the cable box to see it. Just to be sure I covered all my bases, I made sure the pyramid is sitting directly in front of the receiver eye on the box, I have also done the camera test to make sure the emitter and the box are putting out an IR beam and they both are indeed working. A tech told me yesterday that my cable box might be set up for RF input but I don't think so as the normal remote also shows up as a light in the camera test. Besides, if it is in RF mode, I cannot find a way to change this with my cable set up. If it matters, my cable provider is Wide Open West in the Metro Detroit, MI suburb of Warren. If anyone else has any suggestions or can hold my hand and describe in plain English how to either fix this or create a custom remote, I am all ears. I am at my limit of frustration. Thank you in advance for your help!! God bless!!