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    3g viewing better than wifi even with high speeds?


      this can't be right....




      I've got an iphone 3g running slingbox solo at my house. We have ATT uverse and the upload is rock solid at 3mbps UP.......i've got road runner turbo at my office and it's got an average DL of about 12mbps...



      so, why is my slingbox so much smoother on the 3g connection?   this doesn't make sense to me...


      when i'm on wifi, the picture is jumpy and pixelated.....when i'm on 3g, its not the BEST picture, but it's not jumpy or pixilated..



      any idea?

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          eferz Expert

          I'm assuming you're strickly talking about using the Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone in testing the 3G or WiFi connectivity.


          Most likely it has to do with something in the office.  Maybe the router, firewall, or wifi access point as doing something wonky.  Of course, we would need process of elimination to determine where problem might lie.  Begin by eliminating doubt using the Web Slingplayer from Sling.com or the Slingplay Desktop 2.0 on a laptop or desktop computer.  Make note if you're can duplicate the issue over wired or wireless.  Another way, is to test WiFi access in another location like at a Starbucks, Panera Bread or Barnes & Nobles.  That will take your office equipment out of the question and test your iPhone's WiFi radio.