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    Streaming issues on Sony NSX-GX8


      I purchased a Sony NSX-GX8 as an alternative to viewing my slingbox from my laptop, so I could use my laptop for other tasks while I watch TV. I am very disappointed in the performance of the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices vs. the SlingPlayer for PC.


      From a usability standpoint, the generic cablebox controls are awkward and difficult to navigate.  Once connected, I have to open the full screen menu, navigate to Misc on the top menu, then jump down to the bottom menu and navigate to PowerOn/Off just to turn on the cablebox.  There should be a quick shortcut key to power the cablebox on/off, since it's a task you must perform twice every time.


      The countdown timer for sending the remote commands is annoying. If I'm trying to navigate through the OnDemand menus, I may need to move right once, then down 3 times to select TV Programs.  Sometimes I can stack these commands, sometimes I have to wait for each one to finish before clicking on the next one.  In some cases, e.g. at the end of a recorded program where the DVR is asking whether I want to delete the program, the command response is too slow, and the pop-up goes away, so I have to navigate back in to the DVR to manually delete the program.  I experience the same command delay problem when trying to enter a 3-digit channel number; most of the time it only gets the first 2 numbers by the time the channel change kicks in.


      The cablebox remote image approach used in the PC player is a much easier way to navigate.  I occasionally have command delay issues on the PC, but they're much less frequent.  I wish the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices used the on-screen remote image instead.


      Now, for the big problem.  The player on the Sony NSX-GX8 is constantly displaying a pop-up to adjust the video quality, not only does this hide the program I'm trying to watch, but the audio cuts out, and if I select the recommended quality, I lose seconds of the program while it's adjusting the stream.  If I choose ignore, it will eventually disconnect. This happens every few minutes.  I would chock this up to internet speed fluctuations, but I don't have any problems watching HD programs in Netflix or Amazon from this same Sony box, using the same wireless internet connection.  I've tried connecting an ethernet cable from the Sony to my router, but it performs even worse.  Moreover, if I switch from the Sony to my laptop to watch the slingbox, I don't have any problems.  The stream adjusts quality automatically.  I may see a difference in quality for a short period of time, but the program isn't interrupted and no re-streaming delay occurs.  The laptop is connected wirelessly to the same router, cable internet connection on both sides, using a SlingBox ProHD.  Since I don't experience problems with Netflix, Amazon, or SlingPlayer for PC, it appears to be a deficiency with the SlingPlayer for Connected Devices that needs to be corrected.