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    Cannot Connect to ProHD, Generic Error

    dewdude Newbie



      I have a ProHD which is currently pretty far from home; but had been working quite well. However, yesterday I began getting a very generic error from the web-plugin when trying to connect to it. It simply says "There was an error connecting to the box." It pops this up instantly without seeming to even try to communicate with the ProHD unit. There's no error code displayed...just the generic "There was an error". My Solo and 350 which are located here are still functioning fine.


      However, I know the ProHD unit is up and running as there are no issues streaming it using the Android app (phone or tablet) nor is there an issue using the SlingPlayer application for Windows. Both of those options are able to connect and stream to the Slingbox like always.


      The SlingPlayer application looks really poor; likewise I just can't get the browser to work. Anyone ever had this? I tried uninstalling the plugin, but that didn't help at all. If I have to have the thing rebooted, I might be able to swing that at some point; but I physically am unable to get to this unit. I'm hoping (as much as it would suck) that there was a plugin update that broke things. I cannot figure out what watch.slingbox.com does so differently that it will not work.