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    WD TV Live WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN SlingPlayer for SlingBox Pro SB200-100


      Hello Everyone,

      I have this gear SlingBox Pro SB200-100, works good on web player.

      Now i want to connected to my old TV

      Does this WD TV LIVE works with WD TV Live WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN SlingPlayer for SlingBox Pro SB200-100?

      The guy that selles this WD TV Live WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN says that it has the latest firmware.

      I just want to be sure that i can use it to play my slingbox content on my tv between two homes.

      If someone know this issue please write here

      Many thanks


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          callanish Apprentice

          According to this, no. Connected devices don't work with the pro; only the pro hd, solo, 350 and 500 models




          see the entry "which slingbox models are compatible with slingplayer for connected devices."

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              I understand,


              I've already checked the compatibility chart, that's why i've posted this


              So in this case what kind of device can i use to stream the slingbox pro on a normal tv?


              Any suggestions?


              Thanks for the answer

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                  callanish Apprentice

                  Sorry, my bad.....Never opened up the chart. Since none of the connected devices work with any legacy slingbox's like the pro, including the slingcatcher, the only option I can think of, which I'm sure you already know about is a PC running the slingplayer desktop software or a PC running xbmc with an add on called slingfront connected from the hdmi output on your computer to your tv.Just for the record, the wdtv live does an okay job with streaming, but the remote delay lag on it is just awful, so you aren't missing much. The ideal situation would be to upgrade your slingbox to the solo or pro-hd and get one of the remaining slingcatchers for sale on eBay, but that's money and not what you want to hear, so to be honest that's all I've got unless you've got a spare iPad / iPhone / iPod touch lying around with either an hdmi adapter cable or an appletv with airplay to stream your slingbox stream to the TV. Running the iphone slingplayer version of the software on the ipad does work with the pro


                  Edit.....when you say old TV, I don't know if that means no hdmi.

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                      Indeed Old TV = No HDMI Just EuroScart = 3 RCA


                      Ok so i can get an apple TV from my country this is the codes:


                      Apple TV Black Model: A1427 Model/COD: MD199RS/A - 100 euro


                      But this will work with pro?


                      Uff catchy stuff


                      When you say slingcatcher? what kind of device do you think?


                      Thanks  a lot

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                          callanish Apprentice

                          A lot of people will back me up on this one;  the slingcatcher remains the best connected device for a slingbox and if someone said to me that they wanted the best device that connects their slingbox to their TV, that would be it. The problem is you are reduced to two slingbox's that only work with it. The solo and the Pro-Hd. If you are watching your slingbox locally on your home LAN, the the pro hd is the way to go. Streaming remotely, it's not so clear cut as stream speeds and TCP latency play a factor with distance and if you aren't getting a fast enough stream speed, the Pro-HD picture quality advantage doesn't matter as much. The benefit of the slingcatcher is it has a composite / scart output, so it should work with your older TV. Just needs an RCA to Scart cable.


                          As far as Apple TV, you're still looking at a device that only has an HDMI output, so it won't work with your old tv scart setup. You'd need an HDMi to scart converter box which will affect picture quality, but it should work as long as your slingplayer app is the phone version and not the tablet version. This also means that the HDMI connected WDTV live that you mentioned in your original post won't work with your old tv as well without a hdmi converter because it only has one HDMI connection.


                          This is a major amount of hassle just to get your setup working on an old tv. If you can trade in your Pro for a Slingbox Pro-Hd or Solo and find a slingcatcher, it's the ideal solution to work with that tv, but not without a whole lot of cost. If you want to save some money, then trade in the pro, try to find a Cheap Solo and look for a cheap HDMi to scart converter which should also work with the WDTV live you originally mentioned. The WDTV live works fine as long as you aren't doing a lot of channel changing. You'll also find slingcatchers are quite expensive to buy because they don't make them anymore.


                          If I were you, I wouldn't try to complicate things. A windows laptop with a wireless usb keyboard / touchpad ( logitech has a good inexpensive one ) connected to a cheap hdmi to scart converter box from ebay would mean you could keep the slingbox pro box and still stream to your old tv. I'd download the slingbox desktop software rather than use the webbrowser plugin to make it work, but that's your call. You don't even need the wireless usb keyboard if you don't mind getting up to change channels, etc and there's not the same remote lag that you get with the wdtv live and airplay issues that you get with apple tv to worry about.


                          I've got an intel NUC using HDMI that runs windows 7 connected to a logitech usb wireless keyboard / touchpad and streams from my slingbox 5000 miles away to one of my TV's. Out of all the connected devices, outside of a slingcatcher, this, in my opinion, has been the best way in which to watch a slingbox on a home tv. For you to accomplish this with your setup, you'd just need a windows laptop with an hdmi out and an hdmi to scart converter box. Keyboard is optional. With this setup, you can still use the slingbox pro.

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                    Thanks for your concerne


                    Very good info you have here


                    The bottom line is, after a couple of days of searching:

                    If i wanna stream Only CATV signal from slingbox pro directly to tv (no computers involved) there is no way to do it


                    The next step is upgrade to slingbox pro - hd (that has also CATV input) and with a connected device like WD Live, NetGear etc or with a SC100-100

                    i can receive the direct signal to my tv


                    http://www.amazon.com/Sling-Media-Slingbox-PRO-HD-SB300-100/dp/B001EZRJZE/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A2K9JZYTOPV9YZ - this is the upgrade i should do


                    If my way is right please tell me. I've turned this problem on the whole faces but there is no way to stream the signal without a PC witch i don't want


                    PS: i will also keep the slingbox pro to stream for other friends that only use mobile, pads or pc's, no TV, still moves and works preety good


                    Thanks again