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    Slingbox and Roku


      Just found a pretty good deal for the Slingbox Pro-HD (http://goo.gl/Gc3oGR),  and I was hoping someone here might have some insight. First Question:  Is this model good or should I really look for something more up to  date?


      I was thinking that I could get it and hook it up to my TV at home to  get TV on the go as well as in my bedroom where I don't have a cable  connection to my TV. We have Optimum/Cablevision, so the internet  connection is definitely strong enough.

      Second Question: I figured I could just do a simple passthru  connection with the coaxial cable from the Cable Box to the Slingbox and  into the TV. Will that work?


      Next, I figured when I eventually move out, I would be able to have  the TV connection in my back pocket if I ever desired. Would I just be  able to dial in remotely and get the Slingbox connection on a laptop?  How easy is it to connect/set up?


      I really don't watch too much TV as it is. I have a Roku 2 XS and  Netflix, and that's all I've needed since I moved home from college  about a year ago. I looked at my home setup as a trial period of sorts,  so I know I really don't watch TV outside of the occasional Yankee game  or the Daily Show if I'm actually around to catch an episode when it's  airing. I saw Roku has an app, but a lot of people on the Roku forums (http://goo.gl/LyKGPg) have railed against the app because you need to use a mobile device to connect the Slingbox and Roku. Thoughts?


      I also thought that I could just use an old laptop that I have to  plug into my TV through VGA and connect to the Slingbox through that.  Thoughts on that route?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hey jeffreyabr,


          Thanks for posting to the forums!


               The Slingbox Pro-HD would be a good choice since it does have a few advantages over our newer Slingbox's. However, if you are looking for improved video quality, built-in Wi-Fi, TV interface, or the ability to attach a USB drive to your Slingbox then you would want to consider a Slingbox 500.


          The article provided below will help to explain some of the major differences between the Slingbox's that you are interested in:



               Your Optimum/Cablevision internet connection is probably giving you sufficient network speeds, however, you might be interested in this article which will talk about the minimum recommended requirements for the best possible streaming experience:



               To answer your question about completing a pass-through using coaxial cables, you will be able to complete the pass-through just as long as you are using one coaxial cable IN to the Slingbox and a second coaxial cable OUT to your TV.


          This article will help to further explain the initial Slingbox setup process and requirements:



          As for your concerns about Slingbox compatibility with your Roku 2XS, you shouldn't have any issues just as long as you meet the following requirements:


          You will need ONE of the following:

          • A Slingbox 500
          • Slingbox 350
          • Slingbox PRO-HD
          • Slingbox SOLO


               You would also need the SlingPlayer app running on either an  Android smartphone or an iPhone/iPod touch.  On your Roku device, you need to load the SlingPlayer channel. As long as your phone and your Roku are connected to the same network, you will be able to stream the Slingbox signal from your phone to your Roku.


          For more information on the Roku, please take a look at this article:



          You will also want to make sure that your laptop meets our minimum requirements as well. The article below will detail the recommended operating system and browser requirements:



          Hope this helps!



          Sling Media Forum Moderation Team