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    internet viewing alert on my front page of answers.slingbox

    stringer3 Newbie

      Because of this, I went into set up assistant on my PC desktop , then to internet viewing. It did not accept the username/password for my router, but I know they are correct.  I tried to set it up manually, but my router is not listed


      It is a Sagem F@ST2504 (a sky router).  I am amazed it is not listed.  Anyway, when it was not listed, courage failed me. I did not want to fiddle with any settings as I am not a techie and did not want to mess things up


      I should say I have just come back from France where I watch via slingcatcher, and all was well, so I cannot understand the warning


      Finally, we have recently got a sky HD box and I did change the setting to this from sky + in set up assistant AFTER my return to France.  Would this have caused problems?


      I have a slingbox solo which I know does not transmit HD images


      Any advice would be great