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    LG 47g2 no longer works with app


      I purchased my slingbox and this LG 47g2 TV as a working pair so I could functionally watch my TV remotely.


      However, since the version for google android was updated all i get is a message "Google TV has been update and SlingPlayer does not support this new version. We're currently working on an updated SlingPlayer, please checkback soon"


      I have been checking back for months with no progress, this is making my setup almost useless. When will this be working? What is preventing the old one from working.



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          callanish Apprentice

          Two words...No Flash. LG decided to jump the gun with updating their Google TV boxes to Jellybean. Google TV boxes with Jellybean no longer have Flash. Since Flash is required to run the slingplayer as a weblink within Chrome, doing away with Flash, as Google has decided to do, has made your slingplayer on the LG TV unusable. In order to make the Slingplayer compatible with your LG TV, Sling would need to devise a way to make the slingplayer run without flash within GoogleTV. The odds on that are slim as right now GoogleTV is pretty much on the fence as a project that could be eliminated by Google and hardware manufacturers like Sony and Vizio have made no decisions on when or if they'll even be updating their GoogleTV hardware to Jellybean. On the upside for me and others with GoogleTV boxes on honeycomb, all hardware that hasn't been upgraded to Jellybean is still Slingplayer compatible.


          Frankly I think the whole connected device endeavour has been a disaster and hardware like the WDTV Live / play, although functional for slingplayer use, is way too buggy as is GoogleTV. As I've said before, the Slingcatcher was the perfect companion to the slingbox for use on the big TV and then sling decided to end production, so that's pretty much left us with limited options.


          Just prepare yourself for moving on by either adding another connected device box to allow you to continue to use your slingplayer on your TV or prepare to spend some extra money as I did with purchasing an Intel Nuc with a wireless keyboard / touchpad. I think LG definitely left their customers high and dry on this one and never thought about the consequences of what losing Flash would do to people that relied on it.

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            kevin.sling Apprentice

            Hello caldwelljt,


            If you are still having this issue, please reply to this post and I can see what kind of troubleshooting is needed to get your Sony Internet Player with Google TV working.


            Awaiting your Response!!



            Sling Media Moderation Team

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                I am still very frustrated, but I have created a temporary work-around. I

                purchased the slingplayer tablet app and copied the apk over to the google

                tv via the ftp server feature and then sideloaded it using a file browser I

                downloaded (after allowing 3rd party apps). It keeps wanting to "update"

                itself, when I launch it, but for the time being it at least lets me access

                my slinbox nativly again. It's not possible to update it so you have to

                clear the error and move on, updating it requires accessing the play store,

                which when accessed does not list this TV as a compatible device (even

                though it DOES work).


                I too have a Roku, but the extremely cludgy method for accessing it (you

                have to use a phone with their app, and then send it over to the Roku) is

                extremely unreliable and far from user friendly. If anyone finds a better

                method, I'd love to know it. I haven't seen anyone create a custom flash or

                root for this version of Android, but if I do, I think that will go a long

                way towards fixing a few problems.


                I also purchased a chromecast (currently installed on a non-google-tv, not

                even a smart TV). I would love to find a way to send any computer/phone

                content directly to be displayed on the Google TV, but I haven't found

                anything that does this and works with the 47g2 yet). The Youtube app

                already does it, allowing me to flig a youtube video over to the google tv,

                but there is no way to send the whole desktop, like the Chromcast doesl


                Thanks in advance, again,