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    Remote control for IP 805 ( Arris )




      This is to request you to kindly create a new Remote UI to support IP 805 set top box used by Time Warner Cable manufactured  by Arris. Please refer the below link for more details on the set top box




      This IP 805 has support for more buttons like "Back" , "DVR" etc..


      Thanks & Regards,


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          alanrichey42 Master

          Wrong place.   You should have posted this in the 'Remote Requests' area.    Having said that, it would be a couple of months before anything happens so I will see if I can get you a 'quick & dirty' solution.   Back soon.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I normally build these remotes by installing the device on my Harmony Programmable Remote and using it to 'mimic' the original remote.  Unfortunately the Arris IP805 is not on the Logitech database.   It suggested the Arris MP2000 as an alternative.   That device uses the same internals as the Custom Remote I built over at Moxi HD PVR.   So could you try the remote at that link and see if it works ?


              I tried using Time Warner IP805, also with no success, and it suggested the Time Warner 3500.  This one uses the same codes as the one at Scientific Atlanta Explorer STB/PVR  so try that one as well.


              The instructions are a bit out of date as they are quite old, so use these instead:






              IMPORTANT:  If you have any problems PLEASE read ALL of this file before you post a question on the forums.  In particular, if you just reply that 'it doesn't work' you probably wont get any further assistance :-)


              This ZIP file contains 2 BIN files.


              Installation depends on your Slingbox:


              Slingbox 350/500
              Follow the instructions at:




              and use just the PL.BIN file.


              Other Slingboxes
              Follow the instructions at:




              If you have a Pro-HD then use the PL.BIN file.  For other Slingboxes try both the files.


              Once you have completed the setup and the BIN files have been downloaded to the Slingbox they are not used any more and can be deleted.


              PROBLEMS ??

              If you have problems please do NOT just report back it 'doesn't work', that is totally useless for someone trying to understand what is going on.  So please report the following:


              1.   What model Slingbox do you have?


              2.   Was there any error message after you typed in the Code and tapped the Test button ?


              3.   Did you give the commands plenty of time to react ?  (I have a DVR that takes about 6-8 seconds to power up/down)


              4.   If you are using a Solo did you try both BIN files ?


              5.   After completing the setup do any of the buttons work ?


              6.   If you are installing on a Solo or Pro-HD or older box, have you used a Digital Camera to confirm the IR Blaster is actually firing when you tap the Power button ?  (Watch the tip of the IR Blaster thorugh the viewfinder while you tap a button.  You should see a white (not red) flash).  If you are using a 350/500 have you tried using the external blaster ?


              7.   Have you experimented with the placement of the IR Blaster ?  On some devices this is critical so don't give up too quickly.


              8.   Are you sure the device is working correctly using the real remote ?