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    connecting my 350


      i have a slongbox 350 and a satalite receiver and a dvd player, how do i connect via hdmi so all three will work on my tv?

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          If I understand you correctly, you want to know how you can use a HDMI cable with your Slingbox 350, a Satellite Receiver, and a DVD Player so all three can work with your TV.


          If you are looking to have all three connected to your TV without having any issues occurring while view them, the only way this is possible is having the HDMI cable ran from your DVD player to your TV.  Then run either Composite or Component Cable from your Satellite Receiver to the IN ports of your Slingbox. Then have another Composite or Component Cable and connect it to your Slingbox OUT ports to your IN of your TV.


          The article below will explain why only using the HDMI cable from the DVD player to your TV will work:



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