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    Trying to force LAN use for network with two routers


      I tried posting this in the 350 forum, but was unable to get any help. Maybe someone here has some experience with what I feel should be a relatively common use situation.



      I've been working to try to configure my Slingbox 350 to stream using LAN rather than Internet. It is a multi-router setup in my home. I have the Slingbox 350 connected to the router with outside Internet access. The laptop I wish to stream to is connected to a different router on the same network without Internet access. I've tried following the instructions athttp://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000154.html, but have had no luck. Most of that seems geared towards getting a Slingbox to access the Internet from a router without an outside connection. I dont want to use the device for remote viewing, only in home viewing. Can someone maybe provide some guidance on how to make this possible? I've spent the last week searching for answers. I can tell by the bitrate that it isn't using the LAN. Is there any other way to confirm this definitively?


      Basically, I need to get my Slingbox to use the LAN for streaming. I wouldn't be opposed to blocking internet streaming entirely if that's a possible solution. I have a 150 GB bandwidth cap that I wish to avoid.


      Thank you.

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          i have a few questions... is your laptop connected via Wlan or ethernet with that secondr router?

          and can you access internet with your Laptop ?


          Laptop needs to connect to sling server to be able to find your slingbox IP address (external and Internal as they are both saved on slingbox server). After your laptop gets those two adresses... it will first try your local IP, and then external, and after that it will use some relay network.


          you should open and forward all trafic on port 5201 to your slingbox IP on your first router, and then forward all traffic on port 5201 from your second router to your first router. If your laptop is connected via cable to your router you should consider replacing your second router with a simple switch.


          either way, Internet connection is a must.