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    I can access my SOLO on internet but not my CLASSIC




      I have 2 Slingbox at home.  They are connected on the same router (ASUS AC66U).  I can access my 2 SlingBox at home with any problem.  On internet I can access my SlingBox SOLO perfectly but when I try to connect to my SlingBox CLASSIC I receive this error message: Your SlingBox is not currently accessible.


      The SOLO is configured on address: Port 5001  My CLASSIC is configured on address: Port 5002.


      I change the IP address of the Classic and the Port, same problem.  I switch the physical ports on my router for my SOLO and my CLASSIC, the problem still there.  I factory reset my CLASSIC, reconfigure it with the web setup utility, same problem.


      Why the setup work for the SOLO but not for the CLASSIC ????