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    internet speed


      if i increase my internet speed at home will the slingbox work better on the receiving end with the computer in another state or does this not matter. seems "away" watching is poor picture and slow? 

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Possibly.  You'll need to inquire with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about increasing your connection speed to the Internet (a.k.a. "upstream" speed).  Note increasing your upstream Internet connection speed will only help if the issue you're seeing is lack of upstream bandwidth.  For example, if:


          - Your router is dying or old and has trouble keeping up with the packets that the Slingbox is sending to the device running SlingPlayer

          - The route the Slingbox's data (stream) is taking to the device running SlingPlayer is poor (high latency, large speed fluctuations)

          - Your ISP has some unusual circumstance that causes issues (e.g. you are a rural ISP customer where your Internet access is provided by pointing a microwave antenna at a nearby town's grain bin)


          Increasing your upstream Internet speed may not make a difference.  Make sure you find out if there's any cost to drop back down to your original Internet speeds if the problem isn't solved by increasing those speeds.