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    How do I get to the power button on iPhone?


      OK, I used to LOVE slingbox and would recommend it to everyone I met.  Then they charge $30 for an app that should be 3 buck tops.


      Now I have a simple little problem.  I can't find the power button in any of the 4 separate remotes that are presented.


      I figured, for $30, surely there would be tech support.


      I just spent 45 mins looking and the best I can find for support is forums!!!!


      I'm sorry to be whiny but I don't pay this much for software without some way of getting questions answered and my once love affair with sling is quickly dissolving.


      So, anyone have an idea on how to get to the power button somewhere on the iPhone Sling app?


      Again sorry for the rant.  Just a frustrating search...