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    Video skipping/buffering with my 17" Asus laptop


      I need expert help on this one guys! I have an Asus 17.3" X75A laptop that I just bought and when I hook up my slingbox 350 for it everything works fine...that's until I go into fullscreen mode. When I'm in fullscreen the picture starts stalling and the audio will keep playing fine but the picture is like seconds lagging behind. I notice that this happens when i am looking at something fast pace (like a sports football game) or even if it's just a normal TV show and I use my rewind feature on my remote or the back button. I have tried different qualities and unless i want to watch everything blurry, I try to keep quality at "better" or even "best" for the most part. I have spoke with reps and still no help! They have had me re-install the processor I'm using to the most updated (i have intel 4000), change dif picture formats with letter box, wide screen, normal etc.


      And most importantly to all this, reps have insisted it's gotta be my bandwitch speed in which I have assured them it's not because when I come out of fullscreen my bars are all lit....And to further prove if this is the issue or not I have a 15" work laptop that i have brought home to try out just to see if that was the case and when I go in fullscreen on that, I can look at "HD" quality, rewind, go back, and with NO picture stuttering. So that would tell me that my internet speed and everything is fine on that. Now I must say the 15" is a Dell Inspiron 15 if that matters, but I don't see brands having that big a difference when I checked and they are both running the same processor. Only difference i see and what someone told me is the extra 2 inches because they explained that the picture might be stuttering because it's stretching up more on the 17" and the more it does, the more likely chances of picture stalling to occur but then again I can't see 2 inches making that big a factor in this!


      So if anyone out there has heard of or know how to resolve this problem I'd appreciate any feedback!


      Much thanks.

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          kentauta Newbie

          I have the same problem. This happens even with a slingbox on LAN.  I have a few computers and a few slingbox 350's and all of the combinations have the same problem @ best HD in full screen while the window mdoe works fine.


          Most of the Web Slingplayer versions have used Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, but there has been a version that uses "Sling-H264- IPP-Decoder", which doesn't have the stuttering problem in full screen @ best HD.  It's really unfortunate that I cannot selectively use this version of Singplayer as Slingmedia controls the version of the player customers can use.

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              Yeah it's gotta be a Sling media software issue, atleast I know I'm not the only one experiencing issues! However, over the weekend I was able to do some research and I think I have found a solution. I noticed that whenever I come out of fullscreen my bandwidth does drop slightly when I hover my mouse over my speed in the corner, I figured this has to atleast contribute to the problem so I looked up ways to increase banwidth by 20% which microsoft reserves for updates or what not so you have to go in and re-configure the percentage of what they take... This didn't stop the problem altogether, until I searched more and found out that your laptop has to be in PERFORMANCE mode, and specifically under the "Wireless Adaptor" option settings. There's also a "microsoft kenel debug" that is inside Device Manager I disabled which slows down speed. I really think this has resolved the issue because when my laptop is NOT plugged in I'm in "Energy Saving" mode, and a little stuttering occurs, however when I am in "Performance" mode (which is when I plug my charger up) where the options under Wireless Adaptor are switched to "high performance," I notice the picture lagging cease. Maybe trying this might work for you and others too as I haven't experienced any problems since.