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    What do I need for Slingbox ?


      I am going to be soending my winters in Florida ( I live in New York), and slingbox looks like a way to get my local broadcasts ( Mets and Jets) without costly premium cable service. The development wher I am wintering in has basic cable and wireless internet provided by the Home owners association. If needed, I will get a 'Repeater' to increase the cable strength. I will have a PC with wifi in Florida, anda Roku, whick I love. Other than the Sligbox 350, is there anything else I need to get? Must I use a smartphone? If necessary, i will trade in my dumb phone for a smart one.

      I do not record much programming now. My main use for the slingbox is to watch my local sports teams and the premium cable stations I pay for in New york

      thank you