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    Login message- "TV Keys aren't programmed"


      I have a Slingbox ProHD connected to a DirecTV receiver.  THe receiver is ONLY connected to the Slingbox.

      After opening the Slingplayer app for my Ipad and then pressing "Live TV" so I can connect I am able to connect, but,I get "TV Keys aren't programmed"

      It says, "you've pressed a key on the remote dedicated to operating a TV, but your remote isn't programmed for your TV.  To program the remote to control your TV, press Select on program remote"


      And the two options below are "program remote" and "don't program".


      Initially I would just press "don't program" figuring it would go away, but it pops up EVERY time I connect via my IPAD slingplayer app.  Note, that I also have the Andorid Slingplayer App I use with my phone and NEVER get this.


      As I mentioned, the slingbox pro is NOT connected to anything other than my DTV receiver.


      Any idea's how to get rid of this message EVERY time I login using my ipad?