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    Need Remote Control file for Cable STB MVHD 800C




      I have a MVHD 800C cable set top box. The IR codes from the manufacturer are below. Logitech seems to have this box but Slingbox doesn't.


      How can I get a remote file with this? Or how can I check which existing remotes share the same IR codes?


      Thanks in advance!


      manufacturer id: 0xfd02
      {0xca, STB_KEY_UP},
      {0xd2, STB_KEY_DOWN},
      {0x99, STB_KEY_LEFT},
      {0xc1, STB_KEY_RIGHT},
      {0xcd, STB_KEY_STERO},
      {0xc5, STB_KEY_QUIT},
      {0xce, STB_KEY_COMFIRM},
      {0x95, STB_KEY_MENU},
      {0x9c, STB_KEY_MUTE},
      {0x92, STB_KEY_NUM1},
      {0x93, STB_KEY_NUM2},
      {0xcc, STB_KEY_NUM3},
      {0x8e, STB_KEY_NUM4},
      {0x8f, STB_KEY_NUM5},
      {0xc8, STB_KEY_NUM6},
      {0x8a, STB_KEY_NUM7},
      {0x8b, STB_KEY_NUM8},
      {0xc4, STB_KEY_NUM9},
      {0x87, STB_KEY_NUM0},
      {0x88, STB_KEY_FAV},
      {0xdd, STB_KEY_PAGEUP},
      {0x8c, STB_KEY_PAGEDOWN},
      {0xd0, STB_KEY_INFO},
      {0xd6, STB_KEY_EPG},
      {0x82, STB_KEY_CONVER},
      {0xdc, STB_KEY_POWER},
      {0xd9, STB_KEY_TV},
      {0x96, STB_KEY_RED},
      {0xc2, STB_KEY_GREEN},
      {0xc3, STB_KEY_YELLOW},
      {0x84, STB_KEY_BLUE},
      {0xc7, STB_KEY_TELETEXT},
      {0xc0, STB_KEY_PAUSE},
      {0x80, STB_KEY_REC},
      {0xd8, STB_KEY_PLAY},
      {0xd4, STB_KEY_STOP},
      {0xda, STB_KEY_SUBTITLE},
      {0xd5, STB_KEY_FAST_FORWARD},
      {0xc6, STB_KEY_BACK_FORWARD}