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    Guide not showing digital "dot" channels


      Hey Guys,


      I'm using the Slingbox Pro HD tuning Time Warner digital cable without a box - direct cable.  I can tune all the channels just fine.  The Issue I'm having is with the Slingbox guide.  It is only showing the standard whole number channels.  This is fine if I was using a converter, as all channels auto-tune to the HD version.  We get all our locals in both TW whole channel number, but we also get the digital "dot" channels.


      E.g.  NBC, Channel 13.  But there are sub channels for 13.1, 13.2 and 13.3  I can manually tune to these channels in Slingbox just fine.  13.1 is our HD version.  The Guide doesn't show these channels, so it's always a manual channel entry every time I want to go to the HD channel.


      Is there any way to get both sets of channels to appear in the guide?