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    Can someone watch one channel on the TV and someone else watch another via Slingbox (simultaneously)?

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      I set up my Slingbox 500 last night and I'm wondering if I either misunderstood how Slingbox operates or if I did not set it up correctly. My belief was that I could stream via Slingbox to my satelite location regardless of if and what channel someone was watching on the original television (where the Slingbox was connected).


      However, when testing last night I realized that when I changed the channel remotely, the local television (with Slingbox setup) had its channel changed, and vice versa.


      I imagine this is intended, but wanted to inquire if there was a way to be able to watch live television remotely while someone else watches the local TV (with Slingbox attached to it) on another channel, simultaneously.


      Thanks for your help!