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    Video on my computer is very dark. Is there anyway to adjust brightness.


      I have my solo connected using Compnonent cables. I am finding that the video on my computers is very dark, This is very noticeable and verges on unusable for programs like Person of Interest which is on the dark side to begin with.


      I have tried using the web site and the slingplayer app to watch, played with the contrast and brightness of an external monitor. I get the same results watching on my MBPro Retina display.


      I do not know of any way to adjust brightness of the web broadcast or the app and so am wondering if this is normal for a component cable setup. If so, would I see a significant improvement if I upgraded my box to the 500 with an HDMI connection.


      BTW, I am very disapointed with the rudeness of support options. I connected for a chat session and was told that since I am out of the free support window I would have to call and pay for a support ticket. Fine, but the support guy asked me what the problem was saying he woud direct me to a suipport article if available. While I was typing my question he came back and said he was terminating for "quality" issues and disconnected me. Very disappointed.



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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Assuming you're not affected by the support article "Why can't I adjust picture/audio settings with my Slingbox PRO-HD?" (and I don't believe you are) you may be able to set the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue settings with the no-longer-supported SlingPlayer for Mac OS X*.  You'll need the admin password for your Slingbox.  Also, if you're not on the same LAN as the Slingbox you'll need either the Slingbox ID (should be available here if you "Edit" the Slingbox in question) or IP address & port of the Slingbox.


          Try the following:


          - Download SlingPlayer for Mac OS X

          - Install and open SlingPlayer for Mac OS X

          - Connect to your Slingbox (via Slingbox ID or IP/port) and start streaming video

          - From the "Slingbox" menu, select "Get Info..."

          - Select the "Configuration" tab and click "Change Audio/Video Setup"

          - Step through the Setup Assistant and hopefully you should reach the following page:



          - Adjust the video as desired and complete the setup assistant


          *This feature isn't mentioned in SlingPlayer for Mac OS X's user guide.  The relevant portion of the SlingPlayer for Windows manual is here:

          "Video Adjustments


          Here is where you can adjust the video picture coming from your Slingbox. Adjusting these Slingbox settings does not change your television or external device's audio/video settings. However, every user who watches this Slingbox views it with the adjusted settings.


          - Brightness: darken or brighten the video.

          - Contrast: adjust the difference between the light and darkareas of the video picture.

          - Saturation: increase or decrease the intensity of the video color.

          - Hue: adjust the balance between the red and green picture levels."