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    Trying to force LAN use for network with two routers



      I've been working to try to configure my Slingbox 350 to stream using LAN rather than Internet. It is a multi-router setup in my home. I have the Slingbox 350 connected to the router with outside Internet access. The laptop I wish to stream to is connected to a different router on the same network without Internet access. I've tried following the instructions at http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-1000154.html, but have had no luck. Most of that seems geared towards getting a Slingbox to access the Internet from a router without an outside connection. I dont want to use the device for remote viewing, only in home viewing. Can someone maybe provide some guidance on how to make this possible? I've spent the last week searching for answers. I can tell by the bitrate that it isn't using the LAN. Is there any other way to confirm this definitively?


      Basically, I need to get my Slingbox to use the LAN for streaming. I wouldn't be opposed to blocking internet streaming entirely if that's a possible solution. I have a 150 GB bandwidth cap that I wish to avoid.


      Thank you.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          If the second router has no Internet access at all, the 350 shouldn't be usable at all.  You need to at least reach newwatch.slingbox.com to get the webpage that contains the information to reach the 350 and the streaming webpage/plugin.


          So with that said, I'm guessing quite a bit here--but here's to hoping.


          Sling Inc. records the LAN and WAN addresses of the Slingbox.  You can view this information by:

          - Start streaming from your Slingbox on newwatch.sling.com

          - Tell the stream to open in the pop-up player

          - Get the URL of the pop-up player window.  It will look roughly like this:




          Note "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".  That is the Sling Finder ID for the 350.

          - Go to the following website:



          Replacing the series of "Z's" with your Sling Finder ID for your 350.  You'll see a webpage of the following:


          {"finderid":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","name":"My  350","isRegistered":"1","deviceAddress":"","deviceLANAddress":"","devicePort":"5201","numberOfUpdates":"716","lastUpdated":"Tue, 4 Mar 2014 09:25:42","lastUpdateReceived":"Tue, 4 Mar 2014 08:25:42","registrationDate":"Wed, 7 Nov 2013 20:43:54","isPingEnabled":"false","pingPeriod":"1800","CanStreamOnLan":"1","CanStreamOnWan":"1","IsSubscription":"0","StreamingDisabledReasonCode":null,"MacAddress":"89BA2300D45A","productSignature":"000011","firmwareVersion":"01.04.032","isConfigured":"1","isRvscSupported":"1","isRvscPortFwdSuccessful":"1","hardwareVersion":"01.01.000","connectionModes":[{"id":"1","name":"TCP","capability":"4","priority":"4","properties":[]},{"id":"2","name":"SUDP","capability":"4","priority":"1","properties":[]},{"id":"3","name":"SNATT","capability":"4","priority":"3","properties":[]},{"id":"4","name":"Relay","capability":"4","priority":"2","properties":[{"propertyName":"bitrate","propertyValue":"4000","propertyId":"1"},{"propertyName":"dummy","propertyValue":"dummy","propertyId":"2"}]}],"boxParamsToClient":{"httpRspSupported":"false","boltVersion":"0"}}


          - The "deviceLANAddress" is what you're interested in


          When you point to the "Directory" in the upper left-hand corner of Watch on Slingbox.com, it uses this information and tries to connect locally to the Slingbox.  If successful there should be a colored dot next to the Slingbox (purple arrow below) and a note whether the Slingbox is on the LAN (green arrow below):




          And according to "Using the Slingbox Directory", the colored dots mean (boldfacing mine):


          "Green - The Slingbox is on your local network, and is available for viewing.

          Red - The Slingbox is on your local network, but is busy (already in use).

          Blue - This is the Slingbox that you're currently connected to.

          Gray - This Slingbox is available via the Internet."


          If your Slingbox isn't available via the LAN, discovery of that Slingbox likely failed.  Since there's no specifics about how your LAN is set up (just that there's two routers, one with the Slingbox 350 and Internet access and another router apparently without Internet access) I'd imagine one of the following is true:

          - The Slingbox isn't accessible at all from the LAN side of the second router (can you ping the "deviceLANAddress" noted above?)

          - The Slingbox failed a broadcast discovery from the LAN side of the second router (if discovery is performed via broadcast rather than directly trying the IP address recorded above)

          - The SlingPlayer software isn't able to handle your router setup


          For anyone with a Mac, a lot of the interesting information is regarding the above is available in the Watch on Slingbox.com plugin's logs, located here:

          ~/Library/Application Support/SlingMedia/Logs

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              Thanks for this information. Some of this was helpful, as I was not aware of the color-coding of the dots. The dot seems to cycle between grey and green and occassionally red. The second router is set-up to use the primary router (where the Slingbox is connected) as the gateway. I can tell that sometimes the LAN access works fine when I'm gettings speeds between 7000 and 8000 Kbps. But, sometimes it drops down to 1500 Kbps and I'm sure it's using the Internet at that point.


              The fact that it intermittently works is what makes this such a confusing problem to diagnose.

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              I just wanted to provide an update on my problem in case anyone else has experienced this issue. I've managed a work around.


              1. Restart computer

              2. Open Slingbox player in pop-up window in Internet Explorer

              3. Open Slingbox player in pop-up window in Google Chrome

              4. In the Chrome player, it will ask to disconnect: say yes

              5. Now, the Chrome window will be connected via LAN


              Been working pretty well so far. The key is to disconnect the other user and that will somehow force it onto LAN on the reconnect.