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    Power outage


      Hi all. I'm really frustrated right now by how complicated things can get with the Slingbox if there's ever a problem. The house where my Slingbox is hooked up experienced a power outage recently. Now I can't get my Slingbox to work (I live overseas). It looks like it can find the Slingbox when I try to use it, but then I get a message saying "There was a problem connecting with the Slingbox. Try again." Does anyone know what I need to do? My friend is somewhat tech savvy, but I am not sure what to tell him. Might simply restarting it help? Or do we have to try to reconfigure everything?



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          eferz Expert

          I would recommend a couple of things.


          1.  Have your friend use one of the Slingplayer clients to see if he can connect to the Slingbox locally.  This will ensure that the box has an IP address and is still functional.


               If he cannot connect locally, try a factory reset of the Slingbox http://support.slingmedia.com/get/KB-1000038


          2.  Have your friend check the Slingbox's current IP address and port number, and make sure it matches the port forwarding rules on the router.  If your Slingbox isn't configured with a static or reserved IP address then its possible it now has a different one.  This would invalidate the current port forwarding rules of the router.


               From the Slingplayer Desktop for PC, click on Help in the command bar | About Slingplayer <model> (Alt+E) | Information tab and in the LAN subsection you'll see the information for "IP Address" and "Port"


               If walk through instructions in needed, he can use the guides at http://portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/SlingBox/SlingBoxindex.htm


          That's it.  Complication turned simplified.