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    Why doesn't Slingbox 500 function as a SlingCatcher or SlingPlayer?


      The Slingbox 500 comes with a remote control and has Wi-Fi, but it tells me that I should purchase a Roku player to stream content from a Slingbox?


      This is mad to tell me to buy a competitor's product to do something that your own box could easily do better with a software update. I think it is great that you can view Slingbox on a Roku, but why not offer the same functionality on the device you are selling? What good is this SB500 remote control with all the number buttons on it if it can't function as a SlingCatcher?


      I already have a Slingbox Pro HD. So now I'm going to have to sell my old Slingbox on eBay and I'm going to put the remote control for the 500 back in the original box since I apparently have absolutely no use for it. What a complete waste to include a remote.