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    ctrl+l last channel recall problem


      "ctrl+l" is supposed to be a last channel recall shortcut. It's also a Windows 7 shortcut and my two computers lockup (both IE and Chrome) when I try to use it. I've not been able to find a way to disable Windows shortcuts that works. The only shorcut I ever use is "F8" to enable the safe mode. Any suggestions?

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          Now the Slingox went back to the old controls, and doesn't have last channel recall. Some other shortcuts have changed back too like:  m=menu instead of d, d=dvr instead of ctrl&d etc. The Slingbox shortcuts seem to change back and forth from time to time (right click on any remote control button on screen for the current shortcuts). I taught keyboard shortcuts to two Dish Network learning remote controls via an IR keyboard, so I can be at a remote location (like a motel), plug the IR receiver to the laptop, and then use the Dish remote control like I do at home. Of course there's a delay for the remote control command to produce results. It's harder for the Dish remote control to "learn" keyboard commands, but when finally programmed, the "Slingox" IR remote control works OK (if there's not a hotkey conflict like "ctrl+l"). I'm suprised Slingbox does not sell a wireless remote control. I found that some Dish remote controls "learn" from the keyboard much easier than others -- even the same model !