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    Airport extreme air play slingplayer has no video


      I have an airport extreme device and when I try to stream audio through AirportExtreme using airplay it works fine in SQ mode. As soon as I switch to Auto or High Quality the video goes out with a message (The video is playing through air play) but the airplay device is not capable of video.


      All this started happening after the update on 4th Feb. I have already deleted and re installed app.


      Device Information: iPad Mini (No Retina)

      IOS Version: 7.0.4

      SlingPlayer Version: 3.2



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          Same issue here. I use Airplay to an Airport Express and used to work great. Deleted and reinstalled yet no video when on Auto mode.

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              ferguspa Apprentice

              I'm assuming adroit85 has an AirPort Express.  An AirPort Extreme can't accept any sort of AirPlay.


              If this post is correct, it appears SlingPlayer 3.2 for iPad now only supports audio+video AirPlay and not just audio AirPlay.  SlingPlayer for iPad 3.2 sends audio+video via AirPlay regardless of the AirPlay capabilities of the AirPlay receiving device and thus blanks out the video on the iPad since it believes video is playing on the AirPlay device.


              (Oddly adroit85 indicates that SQ video acts "correctly" (video is still visible on the iPad while audio is AirPlayed to the AirPlay receiver). The information in SlingPlayer for iPad 3.2 launches today says:


              "Known Issues

              - Airplay Mirroring: When Video quality is set as SQ in app settings then "Video out feature is not available in SQ mode. Please switch to Auto Quality from Quality Selection menu."


              which says to me that SQ video plus AirPlay should equal no video at all)

              I'd argue a well-behaved iOS app should attempt to sniff the capabilities of the AirPlay device before sending audio or audio+video, but I lack an audio-only AirPlay device to test how other major AirPlay-capable iOS apps handle this situation (AirPlay only the audio portion of a video to an audio-only AirPlay device).  I don't suppose either of you would consider testing some major AirPlay-capable iOS apps (the built-in Video app, YouTube, BTN2Go, MLB at Bat, NetFlix, Amazon Prime Streaming, etc.) with streaming video in the same scenario?

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              Can someone from slingmedia team please escalate this issue.