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    SB500 and CM DVR+ No Audio/Video


      I just got a Channel Master DVR+ and the Slingbox 500 as they are supposed to be compatible.  Play through the Slingbox via HDMI works fine to my projector.  The problem comes with remote playback.  When I go to watch Live TV through my WD TV Live or a browser, I get no audio or video.  I can bring up the DVR+ channel guide and see all the DVR+ menus, but no actual TV.  When I go to play back a DVR'd show, I do see video and get audio, but it alternates about a 1/4 second of video/audio, then no audio/black screen for 1/2 second, and the cycle repeats.


      This doesn't seem like compatibility.  OTA broadcast channels are not supposed to be marked with HDCP, so that should rule out HDCP.  The true test would be to connect component cables, but the DVR+ doesn't have component output.


      Any ideas as to what might be happening here?