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    Cannot log in with windows 8 app free trial


      I can log in through the browser with no isssues on the same computer. Cannot log into my sling account on the win 8.1 app free trial. Also tried another win 8.1 computer and free trial with same result. I can log into my sling account on any android devices and web browsers no problem. The user reviews in the win store show the same issue is common with others as well.


      I know this is not a win 8 app forum, but slingmedia has not provided one so far oddly enough, so I am here as I have a 350.


      I am wondering if:


      a) can this be fixed

      b) is this issue only present on the free trial? Does it work on the paid app?


      I am not confident buying the $15 paid app if the free trial doesnt perform the most basic function of logging in, and theoretically they should be the same app.


      I saw the same issue posted here: https://community.sling.com/message/98418#98418 with the only sugestion being to reinstall the app which doesnt necessarily work.

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          I wish I had found this out with the free trial, rather than going ahead and buying the full versoin. I am running Windows 8.1 on a Sony VAIO Duo. When I run the app I get the login screen, enter credentials, and the receive "An unknown error occurred during login. Please try again."


          I called Support- their response was to uninstall, reboot, reinstall.


          Still gets the same error. The response from Support was that there is nothing wrong with the app.


          I can login to sling.com and connect to my slingbox, watching through a web browser on the same computer. The Windows 8.1 app does not work, and Support tells me it's my problem.


          Please fix this.