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    newwatch.slingbox no longer works on any browser (but it does on my phone)


      I have been using my slingbox on this set up for many years (Windows 7). However, in the last few days I have ran across an issue that I cannot fix.  I no longer can watch my slingbox through a web browser.  I have tried, Internet explorer 11, google chrome 32, and downloaded firefox for the first time ever, with no success. Google chrome keeps going to the screen "A new SlingPlayer Web Plug-in is available", I click accept > install, it then goes to the initializing page, then directly back toe the "A new SlingPlayer Web Plug-in is available".  No matter what I do it won't get out of this loop.  Internet explorer and firefox say "The Slingbox or Internet may be unreachable. Try connecting again."  I have changed my location (thus changing my internet).  I have also disabled McAffee entirely to see if that is the issue.  So no matter what I do I cannot get my slingbox to connect to my laptop.


      Also, at anytime these last few days, I can pull up the Slingplayer on my phone and it will connect right away with no issues.