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    Sling Box Pro - can be seen on network but cannot be accessed to configure it



      My Slingbox (red) used to work fine on my network.  My pc could see the Slingbox but could not connect to it.  I ended up resetting it.  Now from my Win8 pc wireless connection to LAN my Sling Box is recognised on my network as being a new slingbox requiring configuration.  I click on configuration / setup and an application downloads but then when it tries to connect to my Sling Box it cannot find it.  However it is there as on trying the setup process again I get a visual screen showing a picture of my slingbox and also a sling catcher that I access remotely and I am asked which one I want to choose to configure.  So it can be seen as a device on my network that needs configuring but it cannot connect to it.  I have also tried accessing the slingbox from an XP machine with the same problems.  Any ideas?