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    Making a movie server


      Hi all


      Let me explain my goal and then perhaps you'll be able to help me best solve my problem -


      I want to put all my DVDs into digital media on an external hard drive.  I then want to be able to watch said DVDs in any room of the house/on my phone/kindle/etc. any time I want.


      I do not have a computer that I can dedicate as a server for the movies.


      I have a smart tv.


      My thought is to hook the external hard drive directly up to the tv (can i do that??) and hook the sling box up to the tv and then magic - it all works!   Is that the case?  Could I watch something upstairs when the tv downstairs was watching something else?


      I know some people hook up the external hard drive to a wdtv and then that to the tv and the slingbox to the tv.  I don't need the netflix/etc. offered by the wdtv as I have a smart tv so I'm wondering why I'd need that extra component?


      Any thoughts are much appreciated - what you do to hook things up, etc. to make it work for you


      Thank you all so much!