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    Re: download slingplayer 2.04


      I originally received the Slingplayer link from HABU and the download and install went fine.  When it launched, it would get hung up.  I did the whole restart, plug-in check, connection check, firewall check, etc., rebooted and then, ultimately, uninstalled.  I came to this discussion board and downloaded the Slingplayer from the link provided and it is doing the same thing.  Obviously, there is a setting on my computer that is blocking this from executing.  When I click on the launch, it does load and appears in the task manager under processes and then stops.  There is nothing that launches in the applications tab, so do you have any suggestions?  Also, I am running on Windows 7 Home and have AVG security software.


      Any ideas?




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          anthony.sling Apprentice

          Hey TradepireLLC,


          Are you experiencing this issue while using Watch on Slingbox.com? Provided below is a link to the website that I referred to.


          Awaiting your response!

          Best Regards,


          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              alanrichey42 Master

              Anthony:  They are talking about the standalone Desktop Player, nothing to do with Watch.com


              TradepireLLC:  You won't get any help from Sling Media on this issue, they have washed their hands of this software and won't support it any more.   Unfortunately I am not sure i can help, I have installed the player a number of times under lots of different Windows versions and never experienced this problem.   I assume you have tried installing it with AVG disabled.   And tried installing it as an administrator ?

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                  BobShanghai Newbie

                  I've had this happen a few times. What I found (in my case) was that sling player has started but does not show any graphic until such time as it has successfully logged into the sling system. If it fails to get logged in after some time, it will display the program but with a white box error message saying that it was unable to load your sling profile.


                  How long have you left it after double clicking the start icon? I have seen nothing for up to 1 minute sometimes.


                  It only seems to happen if it is having a problem contacting the sling system, otherwise it loads in a second or two.



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                      Hey, Bob:


                      I'm just confirming with you, yes, I did disable the firewall, redownload the Slingplayer, and actually left it attempting to load all night.  I was hoping that potentially unlimited time would allow it to load and settle in. . . . nothing.




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                    Hey, Anthony:


                    Thanks  for the response.  I had somewhat given up, but if you guys are willing  to help me, that would be great.  I bought a short subscription to  USTVNOW to get me through short term, but they only have minimal  channels.


                    I  try the link again.  I don't have a box.  I'm only trying to watch this  on my computer.  So, I'll try it this weekend and update you.