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    HELP! I cannot connect to Slingbox 350 from my iPad.


      I have the latest versions of both the slingbox app as well as the latest iOS on the iPad.  I'm trying to connect to a SlingBox 350.  It connects without problems within my home network but will not connect remotely from other networks. I have not been using my new slingbox 350 because I have not been traveling. I recently went out of town for 2 weeks. I was unable to connect. It kept telling me to make sure my iPad and Slingbox wer connected to the internet. Both were and I still could not connect. I have tried every suggestion I could find and nothing works. It is fine from my home network but will not connect from McDonalds or Starbucks. I leave in a couple of weeks on another trip. The entire reason I have had Slingbox for years (on my 3rd box) is so  I don't have to deal with hotel TVs. Plus it keeps my TIVO stress to a minimum!!! I love Slingbox but only if it works! Any suggestions?